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Disappearing cursor in Word 2010

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Joined: Jun 18 2012

My company is rolling out Office 2010 for a client, and during UAT one of the staff has reported that their cursor sometimes disappears while working in Word 2010. It's an intermittent issue, i.e. does NOT happen all of the time, and is normally the kind of error that you'd roll your eyes at ... however I've noticed the exact same thing when working on documentation at home, also using Word 2010.

Essentially what happens is that seemingly randomly, the mouse cursor, and text cursor, totally disappear from view, and if you move your mouse around it remains hidden and you have no idea where the cursor is. If you type on the keyboard the text DOES appear, but the cursor remains hidden.

The workaround i've found that consistently (but temporarily) resolves the issue, is to zoom the document in, then out, or vice versor. Sometimes the cursor then disappears again after 5-15minutes ... sometimes it's fine for ages.

I've only found a couple of other resources on the net discussing a similar issue, most suggest to turn off the 'hide cursor while typing' option, which has no effect on this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone know if there's a patch available for MS Office/Word that resolves it?

Thanks heaps in advance!

PS - the environments experiencing this issue are running on Windows 7, 64bit.

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I have seen this as well in Word and it went away when I fixed Skype. I had the Skype addin and it gave me some problems with it. I had uninstall it....

Also you can try turning off full screen view. This issue comes up once in a while with outlook as well., could be a resource problem?