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"No Printers Installed"

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Joined: Jan 14 2011

I'm running office 2010 Home and Student (the 3-for-1 activation deal); and windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit edition. I have an HP 2300L printer that has worked for 6 months just fine with this set up. My problem is that now office 2010 doesn't recognize the printer, though windows does and I can print other things, such as PDFs. When I click "Add a printer," I get an an error saying "The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable."

... and that's it. I uninstalled and re-installed the printer and restarted the system and the printer several times. This is for all of the MS Office applications.

Any ideas?


- Karl

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Office 2010 Pro...
Joined: Sep 26 2010

Are yo able to print a web page out of IE or Firefox? Try opening notepad and printing something does tat work? Is the printer via USB or wireless?

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Joined: Jan 18 2011

I am experiencing a similar problem. I have a Toshiba laptop [purchased Nov 2010] with Windows 7 (64 bit), Office Starter 2010 and a Kodak ESP 5250 wireless printer (set as the default printer). The laptop is set up with one administrator account and two standard user accounts. Printing from any account was working OK until a couple of days ago when the ability to print from Word and Excel ceased. Both applications reported that no printers were installed not even the “Fax” or “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” that come pre-installed with Windows 7. No attempt to install a printer from within the Word and Excel applications was possible … just got "The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable" message. Windows 7 continues to acknowledge existence of the Kodak printer (fully accessible via Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers), the printing of test pages and from other non-Office applications such as Notepad is fully functional. I have uninstalled/re-installed the Kodak printer software and Office Starter 2010 to no avail. However, I have discovered that launching Word and Excel as an administrator (right click > Run as administrator), does provide access to the Kodak printer (and the “Fax” and “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”) but this necessitates giving standard users the administrator password which is far from ideal. I can find no evidence of a recent Kodak software/firmware update so would it be fair to assume that there has been a recent Windows 7 and/or Office 2010 update that may have inadvertently ‘locked’ out or altered certain functionality?

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Joined: Jan 18 2011

Same problem. I can print from everything but Office 2010 and this is AFTER MS updated Office this morning

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Joined: Jan 23 2011

Same as previous message - Toshiba laptop, Win 7 64bit + Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student Edition. It worked fine until today. I can print from any application now except Word and Excel ...

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Joined: Apr 14 2011

Has anyone found a resolution to this that doesn't involve uninstalling the product?

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Joined: May 18 2011


While you are having difficulty in printing a PDF file, you may try the subsequent steps. If you are in a rush and would like to print a simple document such as a letter, a form, or a calendar, you may print it as an image. Next option is that you may need to update your printer driver if the PDF does not print, the PDF prints as a blank page or with unreadable text or if you get an error message when you print. Sometimes, when you print a file that is on a thumb drive or a network, the file gets damaged. Then you have to open the copy on your hard drive and print again. At last, you can try printing the PDF using another printer and check your printer connection too if the PDF does not get printed.

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Joined: Jun 14 2011

I saw that when I printed in an other program, office saw the printers as well, however when you log off you have to follow the same routine again.

I really hate this, it proves that costumers are not important to MS, think abou using the open office free software.