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Reply to All includes myself all of the sudden | Outlook 2010

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Joined: Oct 15 2010

I've had Outlook 2010 installed for a few months on a machine running Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit with one exchange account setup, no others, and it talks to an exchange 2010 server. I swear to god, I've hit "reply to all" hundreds if not thousands of times since then and it seems that just as of yesterday it started including myself in the "To:" line.

I googled the issue and I've read complaints from both sides of this issue since Office 2003. Some complaining about it NOT including themselves when replying to all and others like me complaining about it all of the sudden including self when replying to all.

Very annoying - i have a copy of what i wrote in my sent message - that is sufficient. Some recommended setting up a rule to delete all mail from self to self, but once in a while you like to email yourself something for reference, don't you? I do.

Anyone else randomly experience this? Any suggestions? Seems very strange.


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Hi Dstones,

I've had the same problem before and i simply exited out of Outlook, rebooted the machine and rebooted and it worked again. Try that for a simple fix? Sometimes exchange server gets your name confused with the alias that your exchange admin has provided and doesn't recognize the issue.

Go to File - account settings and click on the affected account (probably your exchange account) and make sure it is set as default.

I have to honest, I fixed my issue but it wasn't any particular setting. I did the above and it just started working again.

Let me know.

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Joined: Oct 15 2010

Wow - being an IT man, I can't believe i didn't try the fall back: restart lol. Restarting did the trick and I'm peachy haha. That would have driven me nuts with as many "reply to all"'s I execute on a daily basis.

I appreciate the Exchange related explanation.

Thanks a lot!