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Word 2010 keeps shutting down

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Joined: May 25 2010


I just installed Office 2010 professional and every time i open Microsoft Word the application shows the splash screen and then shuts down. Any advice. please help this is gtting frustrating and i'm tempted to move back to 2007...

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Joined: Jul 14 2010

Here are given few concrete steps which have proved fruitful to repair Word 2010. It is recommended that all the steps are followed in order and all the guidelines observed:

Step 1

Make it sure that you have a genuine Office Suite DVD/CD or you have the key for the set up installed in your system. After making this thing sure just uninstall the program from your computer. You may also try repairing the program from the DVD as well if you have not already tried that.

Step 2

After uninstalling the program connect to internet and download some good system cleaner tool to fix file associations and other registry errors largely behind the Word 2010 errors. It will serve as a good repair for Word 2010.

Step 3

After running this scan reinstall the program.

Step 4

Check the add-ons installed recently into the Word 2010. Disable any suspicious add-on and see if the problem is repaired and there is no need to repair it further.

Step 5

Uninstall the OfficeTab 1.22 add-on and check if has fixed your problem.